Our House

is now a Home

We recently received an email from one of our customers, Todd, who expressed his satisfaction with the house we built for him and his family. On behalf of his family, Todd extended a heartfelt “thank you” to everyone involved in designing, building, and finishing the house.


From Todd: “Words cannot even describe how happy we are: not only with the outstanding end result, but also the whole experience of having our home built by the folks at Headliner Homes. When we look back at the initial excitement we had seeing blue flags placed in the frozen ground, depicting the location of our future house, it really reflects an experience of a lifetime. I never imagined myself living in such a beautiful house.”


Todd expressed his gratitude for everyone involved in the project, his sense of awe at the imaginative concepts of the planners, and his appreciation of the expertise of the hardworking subcontractors. Todd confirmed, “From the beginning, it was obvious that working with Headliner Homes, we were working with a truly class act. The talent involved was simply awesome.”


“We feel like we not only were awarded with a beautiful house, but made new friends along the way,” Todd stated. “But best of all, we no longer refer to it as a house. Now it is time to change that to a ‘home’ where family memories are made. That is up to us and rest assured we will do so.”





Impressive Results

"We wanted a
good experience

not just a good home."


I recently had the opportunity to chat with Troy, the owner of the 2013 Headliner Homes- Parade Home.  Troy helped me understand from a customer's perspective, what it is like to build a home with Headliner Homes, LLC.


When Troy and his family were looking for a company to build their home, they were looking for more than just your average home building experience.  "We wanted a good experience, not just a good home."  Troy was impressed by Headliner Homes' approach to home building.  He wanted to trust his builder to take a hands-on approach with the home's construction and be on-site daily.


Troy shared that Headliner Homes' founder, Ryan, was a a valuable asset in creating a high quality home that would be enjoyed for decades.  "From insulation to windows, he had suggestions to improve the home design for the better."  Troy noted that one feature of his home has earned him many compliments- a rustic sliding barn door.  This was something Ryan had suggested to add character to Troy's rustic, yet refined home design.


"Definitely!", Troy responded when asked if he would invite Headliner Homes to work on his future construction projects.  Headliner Homes "met and exceeded our expectations."  Ryan's attention to detail, and the care with which he manages his business, shows through in the level of service he provides his customers.








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